Daniel Yip
Joan Wu
Laura Rao
Leon Fang


Paper roll
Label / sticker
Bandit Paper band
Check Pad Book
$5.00 - $15.00/Carton
100 Cartons(Min. Order)
50 Cases(Min. Order)
$10.00 - $20.00/Case
50 Cases(Min. Order)
Company Introduction
We are specialized in manufacturing the paper products, particularly the forms . Shenzhen Liked Inc is a manufactory and business development company located in Shenzhen , the traffic is very convenient. Our factory was established in 2000, is specialized in manufacturing the paper products, particularly the forms.
We offer many paper products, computer paper, pre-printed continuous forms, custom-designed forms, security envelope, computer labels, thermal paper roll, products, recharge voucher, job ticket, bond paper rolls and etc.
We have built good cooperative relationship with Bank, Telecom, Post, Customs, restaurant chain, supermarket. Our products have being welcome in many cities and areas such mainland China, Hong Kong, Japan, USA, Australia and some other countries in the world.
The production facilities and technology which we have imported from abroad include Web offset rotary presses, Binding machines, Rotary pack to pack collators, Multifunctional collator, all kinds of Paper cutters, High speed data printer and so on
Based on cashier paper roll and bill paper products, we strive to integrate advantages of peripheral products, providing more comprehensive high-quality products and service for clients. Customers group are mainly concentrated in the field of food fast consumer goods and financial service office. By focusing on customers' requirements, we try our utmost to provide more high quality services by optimizing matching a complete set of solutions, to add more products collection via consolidated shipment, to reduce customer's inventory and transportation charges. We can provide high quality one-stop shopping services for paper roll and bill paper products in food fast consumer goods and financial office areas.
At present, expect factory's cashier paper roll, printing paper, labels are in advantage, our brother companies that we have been investing and cooperating, they have a paper napkin processing plant, leather Processing plant factory and RFID label factory, providing a series of relevant products such as recycled paper napkins, towels, menu, tickets, wristband, currency straps, coin wrapper, RFID label etc.
Moreover, we can also provide and develop customized products to our customers. We also strengthen cooperation with more factories continually to enrich our product system, to grow together with our customers.